4 CBD marketing tactics – that work

With different regulations, legislation and preconceived ideas in each country, CBD is notoriously difficult to market. Restrictions on social media advertising and pay-per-click mean that many effective, budget-friendly marketing tools are off the cards for CBD and cannabis businesses. Yet all is not lost. There are still plenty of marketing tactics that deliver impressive results, especially if you opt for long-term support from the right professionals.  

1. Content

Any marketing strategy needs to be driven by relevant high-quality content that adds value for the audience – and is published regularly. A blog is the ideal starting place. Every time you publish an article, you create a potential connection with your target audience and new opportunities for people to discover your products.

We all know that Google is THE place to find stuff, so the more search results you appear in, the more likely you are to reach potential customers. To further boost your rankings, why not work with a SEO specialist to select and deploy the most appropriate key words and optimize the structure of your website/blog?

The first step is to create your own blog on your website. But once you’re into the swing, you could also offer to write guest posts for other websites in the CBD / wellbeing sector. 

The great thing about blogging is that you can re-use all your hard work for your social media platforms, emails, newsletters, white papers etc. 

2. Emails

We are bombarded by emails every day. And that’s because companies have understood how effective (and inexpensive) they are. Thanks to all your hard content marketing work, you have things to say and share.

Next step? Start building an opt-in email list. Think of ways to add value, so people are willing to share their emails addresses with you. For example, you could offer a free eBook or set up an opt-in newsletter. Remember to also add the email addresses of your customers who have already bought products from your website – if they’ve opted in. 

Last but not least, track your emails to see what’s working, and what isn’t. And the test, test, test. Try different approaches, subject lines and visuals to work out what’s most effective.

3. Online / Social Media

We talked a lot about social media a couple of weeks ago.

The key message?

Be active, join different platforms and contribute to discussions. Although paid ads are a little complicated for CBD brands, you can build an organic following on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, driven by high-quality content and a willingness to listen, share and learn.

Team up with influencers who are interested in your products. Make sure your web presence is up-to-date and portrays an accurate and appealing image of your brand. Everything is interconnected on the web, so check every platform and profile – not just your website.

4. Events

As a CBD brand, it’s important to reach out to other businesses in the industry, as well as customers. Events are a great way to create these connections, generate leads and establish partnerships.

Although the pandemic made in-person event challenging over the last 18 months, we are starting to see a (still subdued) revival. On the plus side, Covid has shown us just how effective online formats can be. So, take part in webinars, conferences, and tradeshows relating to CBD and wellbeing.

Or even better, create your own in partnership with other industry players – like the mellow talks discussions organised by mellow. The idea is to raise awareness about CBD topics, rather than simply selling.

Although you may not have access to some more conventional marketing tools, with the right people, investments, and long-term strategy, you can connect with both customers and other cannabis businesses. High-quality content, emails, social media, and events will all help increase your visibility and notoriety, while driving sales. 

To optimise your marketing tactics, working with an experienced sector player like grow by mellow provides the skills, connections and specialist expertise to make a bigger impression. 

If you’re ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level, we’d love to hear from you.

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