A guide to writing content in the CBD space

Writing engaging content is a great way to create relationships with potential customers, increase sales and educate the consumer on the emerging world of CBD. There is so much learning to be done regarding CBD and it is important to create a level of trust between your brand and the consumer with the content that you are writing. There are many things to consider before you start writing a blog post, here are some of our tips to help you get started.

1.     Education is Key

There is a big buzz around CBD but with that comes misinformation and gaps in knowledge which is a great opportunity for content writers. To turn those sceptical about CBD into CBD users, it is important to educate them on the potential benefits that adding the product into their daily routine could have. Ensure that you are knowledgeable about the subject that you are writing about as this will give the customer confidence in your product. Do your research and keep up with the latest studies to ensure that you are providing accurate information that will encourage consumers to use CBD safely. Bust the CBD myths and ensure the reader leaves having learned something new – this will stick in their mind and could be the start of a great consumer relationship.

2.     Keep it Interesting

How many times have you started to read something and stopped halfway through because it’s not interesting or engaging enough? It is important to stick to your subject and not get side tracked too much. Your readers were lured in by the title so make sure that it is relevant to the rest of the content. With CBD there are a lot of confusing aspects, such as the extraction process and product strength, making it important to know your audience. If you are writing for beginners then you should find a way to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. However, if your readers are familiar with CBD then use this to your advantage and use the science to back up your points.

3.     Read your competitors’ content

Although you should never copy or steal ideas from your competitors, it is always useful to read their content to see what is working for them. You may be able to get inspiration from their articles, the more you read the more knowledgeable you will be regarding industry trends, and this can give you ideas for your own content. You may dislike certain aspects of their content and you will know to avoid this; you also may disagree with certain areas allowing you to create content from your own perspective. Look at the questions that are arising from the content of your competitors and answer it with your own work. If you are creating content that you would want to read as a consumer, then you are doing something right.

4.     Avoid making medical claims

It is important not to make any medical claims in your content, even if you believe that they are true. If there is no research to prove that your products can treat certain conditions, then it is against the law to state that it does. Keeping patients safe should be a main priority therefore a doctor should be their first port of call. However, with more research being rolled out and the changing laws regarding CBD around the world, we are hopeful that CBD products can be more widely used for various conditions in the near future.

5.     High quality content writing

Like with any content, the writing and structure must be to a high standard to engage the consumer. It can be easy to forget the obvious when you are writing about a subject that you know inside out. Ensure to avoid repetition, you don’t want to bore your consumers with the same phrases repeatedly. Read through your first draft thoroughly and watch out for areas that can be reworded to avoid repeating yourself, you could even ask someone else to read over your work as a second pair of eyes is always useful.

Short sentences and paragraphs are key to captivate your reader, give each main point its own paragraph allowing your reader to navigate your content easily and avoid any confusion. Using bullet points and subheadings can also break up your content, making it easier to read allowing you to hold on to that potential customer for a little longer.

If you struggle with writing engaging content, consider a freelancer or agency to help you out. It’s stressful and time consuming when you are not an expert, so think about alleviating some of the pressure on yourself.

Finally, remember that your writing isn’t going to be perfect, strive to publish fantastic content but don’t sweat the small stuff. Creating content is a learning curve and even the best has room for improvement. 

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