Advertising challenges and restrictions for CBD brands – and how to get around them

To put it bluntly, you haven’t chosen the most straightforward of industries. As CBD marketers, you need to adhere to localand, for some, internationallaws and regulations AND follow advertising laws and restrictions on each platform. But as they say, what doesn’t break you, makes you (and your brand) stronger.

In recent weeks, we’ve looked at different way to market your CBD brand and promote your products. We’ve discussed the ups and downs of brick-and-mortar and digital channels and why social media is a great tool for building awareness and communities, despite the restrictions—unfortunately, for CBD, the list is still long. 

Here, we’ve tried to bring together more information and insights into how you can shout about your brand AND stay on the right side of current restrictions. This is particularly important if you’re offering cannabis-based CBD products—which some countries and US states have yet to approve and many advertisers are weary about. 

1. PR

Strategic communication from brands to maintain and cultivate their image 

Benefits: PR is a great way to increase exposure to a wider audience and boost your notoriety. What’s more, there is no chance of being “removed,” as content is shared at the publisher’s discretion. 

Challenges: You’ll have to break down preconceived notions held by some publishers—probably best to avoid the C word. There is also no guaranteed ROI. The impact is difficult to measure as you don’t know whether a sales, conversion or click was inspired by a PR campaign (or not). To get a rough idea, you can use metrics such as press clippings, media impressions and content analysis, or even website traffic before and after a campaign.

2. Influencer marketing

Social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencersthose people with lots of followers who are considered experts in their niche

Benefits: This is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve high exposure. You can also track your impact using discount codes, for example.

Challenges: However, finding influencers that fit your brand is like a treasure hunt. It can take time, you may make mistakes or even get lost along the way. Or strike gold! It’s important that the match works both ways. Make sure you feel comfortable with your influencers, their image and way of communicating, as you won’t have direct control over messaging.

3. Email marketing

All those emails you ping to your ‘subscribers’—people who sign up to your email list and give you permission to send them stuff. Email marketing can inform, drive sales, and build a community around your brand.

Benefits: There are no real restrictions on messaging, and you can communicate about your products directly in the email with links to drive customers to purchase. You choose everything, from the topics to how often you communicate. It’s also easy to track and inexpensive. 

Challenges: People are snowed under with emails, so you’ll need to create captivating content and images to maintain a high open and conversion rate. You’ll also need to focus on growing your mailing list—and get as many opt ins as possible. For example, you could share an in-depth whitepaper or guide.

4. Digital Ads

All those promotions published through online platforms such as social media, search engines, websites etc.

Benefits: the great thing about advertising onlineAdWords, Facebook ads & that it’s nice and easy to measure the ROI and reach a highly specific audience.

Challenges: However, for CBD brands, it’s also easy to find your ads/accounts have been blocked by platforms like Google and Facebook. The restrictions can be confusing and difficult to navigate.  Even more reason to focus your efforts on organic growth, building awareness around CBD and creating communities on Instagram and Facebook.

To optimise each of these approaches as part of a comprehensive strategy, it can be a good idea to get expert support. And what better support than from marketers that know the CBD industry inside out? grow by mellow is committing to getting qualitative CBD brands online, operational and reaching their full potential. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for more information.

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