The Six Best Ways To Utilise Social Media in the CBD Space

Almost every CBD brand needs to have a social media presence. It’s a free way to access a wider audience of consumers, retailers and potential investors. However, with platform restrictions on advertisements, content is absolutely crucial to success. That’s why our social media team has produced this handy guide to building a social media presence in the CBD industry. Keep reading till the end for some trends to look out for this year too!

1. Community Building

Social Media is usually at the forefront of community building for brands. Using your social platforms for community building means reaching more people in the space that will be interested in your content. In CBD we find more often than not the most engaged are in the health & wellness sphere. Typically, people follow pages that they show interest in and having a strong community within social media creates a sort of reassurance for new customers. It brings your brand to life. Creating a community feel can be achieved through relatable content.

2. Informational Content

Informational content is a great way to show how, why and when people should use your products. On social media there has never been more fun and interesting ways to do so. Bringing content that relates back to your audience allows people to see how your product would fit into their everyday life. It’s a double benefit because if the content is good, people will respond to it but you are also positioning your product from a consumer standpoint.

3. How To’s

Whether it’s recipe videos, workouts, application or simply basic usage, How to’s are a great way to introduce user based content as well as interactive content that people will find value in. These pieces are aimed to be saved for later use by your audience or shared within the community for their unique and interesting content. The IG algorithm loves shares right now so if you want your content to hit the explore page, How To’s are the way to go.

4. Greater Wellness Content

Branching out to greater wellness content is key in joining the greater wellness conversation. Thinking about what your audience might enjoy. For example if you focused on CBD for sleep, then why not provide more content of value to your audience? 

You can do this by writing interesting articles, sharing tutorials and things like meditation tips. Niche down while branding outside the typical branded content. Have your audience in mind while creating and engage with them on what else they would like to see.

5. Branded Content 

We all know that having a logo and branded content is important. However social media has now pushed the envelope on branded content by allowing new creative ways of marketing and providing branded content to make your brand and logo ‘well-known’. Expanding the creative work that can and should be on a brands page. 

6. Trending Content

Trending content, this content is typically boosted and has far greater reach than your day to day content. And while creating a trend is difficult, joining in on one isn’t. You can also take a trend concept and make it your own, provide more value, target it towards your own audience and even start a new trend or a constant theme of content on your page.

CBD brand Daye (IG: @meetdaye) have been doing an excellent job of harnessing female health trends with relevant and timely content.

So now that you have some insight onto content types and community building.. Here are some trends you should lookout for in social media this year.

  • Reels Usage Will Continue To Rise
  • Instagram Stories May Become Longer
  • More Marketers Will Use Twitter Card Previews On Instagram
  • Brands Will Connect Better With New Branded Content Features
  • Increase In Live Content
  • Instagram Will Focus On Video
  • GIF Marketing is set to take off
  • Trending Cross-Platform Content
Caitlin Doyle - Social Media Specialist 

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