Columbia Care

“Columbia Care is pursuing a strategy outside the US to work with partners whose specific skillsets complement our strengths and who are able to deliver our vision.  In Mellow, we saw a group that could meet our requirements, and budget, and who complemented our position within the market.  In a sector that is still developing, it is refreshing to work with people who have been able to tailor the work we are doing to our specific brand position.”

Hari @ Columbia Care

The Challenge

To build and operate a new multi-product eCommerce site for Columbia Care UK which helps them to grow their brand and access customers in the UK & EU markets

The challenge has always been to find a suitable partner who could deliver a robust eCommerce site, built for growth which had all the tools we need to position the company for international markets and which offers us flexibility.

The Solution

Mellow has built and owns a bullet-proof cannabis-friendly tech stack on which brands are leaning to help them grow their brands into these nascent, but fast-growing markets. Columbia Care has tasked mellow to build and operate their UK/EU eCommerce site, but to also undertake all photography, onsite copy, social media management, customer acquisition and sales growth

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